Call for Papers

ESE-Kongress 2009

Source Code Analysis in an Agile World ( Vortrag mit Tooldemo )

Referent: Todd Landry , Klocwork
Vortragsreihe: Test & Qualität
Zeit: 10. Dezember 11:00


Entwicklung, Fortgeschrittene


Test & Qualitätssicherung, Software Engineering Management


To keep pace with ever-increasing customer demands on software functionality and time-to-market expectations, software developers have had to evolve the way they develop code. Competing market pressures require higher quality code to be developed at a much faster pace. As part of this trend, many development organizations are adopting Agile development practices to meet their requirements for increased flexibility and reduced costs. As the use of Agile grows into business and mission critical software development, the need for a repeatable process for ensuring bug-free code becomes paramount. This presentation will examine how the requirement for early detection of software bugs supports many of the core Agile principles, and the key to successfully addressing this challenge is enabling software developers with automated tools that fit with both the spirit and principles of Agile.

Nutzen und Besonderheiten

Attendees will learn the relationship between bug-free code and Agile development, and how to deploy SCA tools seamlessly into your Agile development.

Über den Referenten

Todd Landry, a Senior Product Manager at Klocwork, is responsible for guiding product direction and ensuring its fit with customer’s preferred development processes. With more than 13 years of experience in software product management, he has worked with numerous Agile teams and projects. Todd is a Professional Engineer and a Certified Scrum Product Owner.