Call for Papers

ESE-Kongress 2009

Managing Software Timing Behavior ( Vortrag mit Tooldemo )

Referent: Dr. Nicholas Merriam , Rapita Systems Ltd
Vortragsreihe: Echtzeit & RTOS
Zeit: 09. Dezember 11:45


Management, Fortgeschrittene




Software methods and languages deliberately abstract away from timing behavior, with the side-effect that timing issues can remain hidden within even the best-managed embedded development projects. These problems often emerge late in the project life cycle, making them expensive to correct. This paper reviews practical techniques to obtain accurate timing measurements, and shows how to use them to diagnose timing issues as well as to provide evidence of timing correctness. We explain how an emphasis on worst-case behavior and worst-case execution times is vital in building and testing reliable real-time embedded systems. The difference between worst-case and average-case optimization is explained, and demonstrated by some surprising examples. Finally we show how a well-defined optimization strategy based on prioritizing optimization candidates, "what-if" analysis, and verification of results can be used to produce efficient, reliable embedded software at minimal engineering cost.

Nutzen und Besonderheiten

This presentation will benefit embedded software developers and managers who need to engineer reliable, embedded software. Today, software timing analysis does not have to be guesswork. This presentation covers two key aspects of real-time systems performance: (1) how to gain a clear, detailed, and accurate understanding of the execution time behavior of embedded software, (2) how to target optimization effort precisely where it will have the maximum benefit in improving system timing behavior for the minimum cost. Attendees will learn: What different types of execution time metrics there are. Why execution times are important, why they vary, and how to find them. Why the worst-case optimization is important and different from average-case optimization. Why the selection of optimization candidates matters. How to ensure that the best optimization candidates are chosen. How automated tool support can streamline the process of measuring, analyzing and optimizing execution times.

Über den Referenten

Rapita Systems is a specialist in on-target performance profiling and timing analysis of real-time embedded systems. Its innovative RapiTime product makes Rapita Systems a leader in measurement based worst-case execution time analysis solutions. As Engineering Services Manager at Rapita, I am responsible for all custom development, consultancy projects and customer training. Training covers topics such as execution time analysis, including worst-case execution time analysis, and optimisation.